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Welcome to my website.  My name's Ian Hart, and I operate as a one-man traditional wood and metal shop near Lexington VA. 

This site is organized into two categories: various Portfolios of larger custom work, and Ready-to-Order stock patterned items that may be customized to your needs.  All work is done to order.  Please email me directly with any inquiries about custom projects.

Home Furnishings

Lighting, Cooking & Fireplace


Architectural Ironwork

Signage, Railings & Gates



Greenwood & 18th Century Tools

Categories of Work

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Architectural Woodwork

Windows & Doors



Hinges, Locks & Latches

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Carved Furniture

Cabinets, Chests & Boxes

Recent Projects on Instagram


My work lays heavily on historic tradition, both in design and manufacture, largely involving the same types of tools and processes that were used in the period by 17th and 18th Century craftsman.  I formally learned traditional metalwork at the American College of the Building Arts (Class of 2017), while my woodworking endeavors are largely my own.  I was fortunate enough to be trained by Richard Guthrie, a Journeyman Blacksmith at Williamsburg for 20 years, who instilled in me a passion for taking the time to make things properly, regardless of the cost.  After I graduated, I worked in production, design and management at Cardine Studios, continuing to explore and fulfill the need for historical ironwork in the evenings and weekends.  Over the course of a few years, I transitioned to my own shop in Lexington, VA.  These days I work by myself in a small shop, traveling around to trade shows (Waterford Fair, Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show, and ZOAR to name a few).  I make both direct copies and original work rooted in period examples, using primary a coal forge and hand tools with a few modern pieces of equipment speed things up, but every piece, surface, and joint is hand finished to match historical ironwork.  

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