Congratulations on finding my website - I am not one for much small talk, but a little orientation would not be out of order.
My name is Ian Hart, I work as both a Blacksmith and sometimes a traditional wood Carver and Joiner out of Lexington, Virginia. 

My business runs in two veins: the STORE contains stock items of a set pattern, most of which are Made to Order (may also be customized).
The IRON- AND WOODWORK tabs contains some examples of past work built on commission for each client's specifications.  Included in this is Measurements, Historical research (when required) Drawings and Design Work, and occasionally Samples.  If you have an inquiry, please reach out and I would be thrilled to have a conversation regarding your project - many people believe it's the craftsman who makes the work, but the truth is, it's the client. 


Recent Projects


My work lays heavily on historic tradition, both in design and manufacture, largely involving the same types of tools and processes that were used in the period by 17th and 18th Century craftsman.  I formally learned traditional metalwork at the American College of the Building Arts, while my woodworking endeavors are largely my own.

I was fortunate enough to be trained by Richard Guthrie, a Journeyman Blacksmith at Williamsburg for 20 years, who instilled in me a passion for taking the time to make things properly, regardless of the cost.